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We at Hotger.Games are proud of our achievements, but we are so much more!

Hotger.Games is all about people. We’re a community of talented professionals who love games and want to make the world a happier place!

Hotger.Games is a mobile game development studio for midcore and casual games. We’ve already launched several successful gaming projects and continue to maintain them. Our games are popular with players in more than 200 countries.

We have been active in the market for over 17 years. Before that, we worked successfully with online marketing. In 2022 – we expanded our product line, creating a new niche for ourselves in mobile games.

“For us, games are about freedom of creativity and, of course, our common interest. We don’t just create. We enjoy playing our games and interacting with our large gaming community.”

Kirill BelovHotger.Games founder



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Founder and leader of a successful B2C startup studio. Seventeen years in the industry. Strategies, positioning and communications, partnerships, and investments.
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Leader in high-profile gaming product developments. Strategies and global vision for the gaming world. His games are played by more than 5 million people worldwide.
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After having developed 40 games, the sky is the limit. Specialist in metric growth hypotheses. Evangelist for the Lean approach.

We only create
awesome games

We specialize in RPG, casual, and hyper-casual games. Hotger.Games designs, creates, develops, launches, and promotes games of any complexity, from scratch.

  • Order of Fate

    When an ancient evil awakens in the bowels of the earth, its followers come to light. In the rampant terrorization of settlements, there is nothing else to do but take up arms! Find your destiny and who you’re meant to be: a hero, the stuff of legends – or a nightmare who mastered the darkness and became more frightening than the evil itself?

  • Steel Heaven

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  • Castle Legends

    Long ago in a medieval tavern, a mysterious portal to unknown worlds appeared. Legend has it that only the most courageous warrior will pass through it, defeat the bloodthirsty monsters, and become the best of the best. It’s your time to slay monsters, collect valuable artifacts, make your name, and go down in history!

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Shortest terms

We bring games of any complexity to the top. We love experiments!

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Our mobile products are professionally translated into 20 languages and used worldwide

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We provide outstanding product support for all aspects of your gaming business – from technology development to marketing, business development, and more.

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We’ve been in business for over 17 years. Today, Hotger.Games proudly offers a wide portfolio of successful products.

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Bringing the project to market

Our team controls all aspects of project launch – from project concept to promotion, including trailers, banners, and websites. We internally create most promotional content.

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Quality control

Our games meet the highest quality standards. While it’s active, every game is carefully reviewed by our testers and monitored by our analysts to ensure the best experience.

We’re looking for up-and-coming teams of gamers who want to spread the word about their games. Let us know if you’re interested!
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